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Nobel Prize-winning neuropsychiatrist Eric Kandel will discuss “Memory and the Biological Basis of Individuality” at the Undergraduate Research Summer Institute symposium, October 1, 2011.

Columbia University neuropsychiatrist Eric R. Kandel, a 2000 Nobel Prize winner for his research on the physiological basis of memory storage, will deliver the keynote address at the annual Undergraduate Research Summer Institute (URSI) symposium on Saturday, October 1, at 3:45pm in the Villard Room of Main Building. The overall symposium (2:30-6:15pm in the Villard Room) showcases collaborative experiments, explorations, and critical analyses conducted by Vassar students and faculty during this past summer’s annual ten-week URSI program. All activities are free and open to the public.


Cognitive science major Jacqueline Kory participates in NASA summer internship program.

Jacqueline Kory, a rising senior and cognitive science major from Pleasant Hill, CA, is participating in the NASA Langley Aerospace Research Summer Scholars Program (LARSS). Kory sought this challenging summer experience because, “I live by the rule that I will never be done learning.” Work in Langley's Autonomous Vehicle Lab with researcher Garry D. Qualls is providing Kory the opportunity to explore applications of cognitive science and computer science to autonomous robotics problems. Her potential long-term goals include working for NASA (and being the first person to walk on Mars), academic research, or starting a robotics company.


The Environmental Risks and Breast Cancer project, an innovative and acclaimed public health initiative, is now available online in English and Spanish

Professor Janet Gray spearheads new directions for Vassar’s innovative and acclaimed public health initiative, the Environmental Risks and Breast Cancer (ERBC) project. Originally only available on compact disc, ERBC has now established a web presence with the launch of English and Spanish language sites. Throughout October, Gray's advice on breast cancer prevention is featured on both the Daily Green and Yahoo websites, highlighting research and practical suggestions available from ERBC.

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